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National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.

• NSCSWP is a government funded program which assists the Doxa School to support the welfare needs of our students. This includes support with relationships and personal growth. Some of the programs include; conflict management and resolution, life skills, counselling support for both students and families including mediation, sexual health programs, out of home housing support and drug education.
• Sally Livermore is the NSCSWP representative for the Doxa School. Sallys' role involves working closely with the leadership teams and providing support to students, staff and families by making appropriate referrals to community and outside agencies when required. Sally is directed and supported by our principal, John Russell. If you think you or your child may benefit from this program, please phone the school to organise a one- on- one session with her.
• Welfare support is an integral part of the work we do with our students. It is up to our students and families to choose how they access this support.
• Any issues or suggestions to improve the program can be directed to the NSCSWP Complaints Officer, Peter Carr during school hours.

Please Note -Mandatory reporting laws specify that an individual is legally required to make a report to Child Protection – Dept of Health & Human Services deemed necessary.