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Doxa School recognises the trust that parents/carers/guardians place in us to suitably care for students as part of their educational experience.

It's a responsibility we recognise and embrace as we seek to work together for the wellbeing of all students. This means that we: 

  • understand and accept the duty of care responsibility we have to all students
  • work to provide a safe environment in every way
  • support and train our staff to practice the highest standards of care they can
  • use well-planned and considered risk identification and mitigation processes 
  • ensure our policies, procedures and practices align with Catholic Education Sandhurst Ltd Frameworks  

For more information regarding our duty of care responsibilities, please see the Doxa School policies below, or refer to the 'CES Ltd Duty of Care Framework'


Click below to read our policies in full

pdf Duty of Care Statement  (137 KB)

pdf Student Bullying and Harassment Prevention Policy  (147 KB)

pdf Health and First Aid Policy  (266 KB)

pdf ICT Usage Policy  (209 KB)

pdf Occupational Health & Safety Policy  (258 KB)

pdf Student Supervision Policy (140 KB)

pdf Attendance Monitoring Policy  (149 KB)

pdf Anaphylaxis Management Policy  (202 KB)


If you have questions about Doxa School Bendigo‚Äôs approach to its duty of care responsibilities or the policies above please get in touch with our Principal, John Russell to discuss. 


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