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God Live In Us!

Doxa School Bendigo has been established to meet a need for alternate education for a specific group of students.


Background and Philosophy of Doxa

The model of alternate education that operates at The Doxa School, was initiated by the Marist Brothers, and has evolved into the current program since its inception in 2000. The program is of eighteen months duration and involves six months intensive personal and educational intervention through attendance at the school and a further twelve months outreach support for the student and their school.
This program aims to re-engage students who are at risk of not completing their compulsory years of education because of social, emotional and personal difficulties. It provides supported and alternative education for disadvantaged students between the ages of 11 and 14 who are experiencing difficulties in mainstream education, but who do not attract any form of support funding.
The generous commitment of ongoing funding by the Doxa Youth Foundation and the educational support of the Marist Brothers and the Catholic Education Office of Sandhurst Diocese has allowed this program to be sustained and developed.
The Doxa Youth Foundation and the Marist Brothers form the governance of the school. Doxa School Bendigo bases its educational philosophy on the Marist tradition of service to the marginalised and those less fortunate.