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Doxa School Bendigo is a community that promotes Safety, Kindness and Curiosity through our Positive Behaviour Program. This is also reflected in the Pillars that underpin our Whole School Student-Centred model, our Catholic Identity, Choice Theory, Trauma-Sensitive Practices and Social and Emotional Learning.
We promote a community that is inclusive, celebrates diversity and values the resilience and potential of all young people. As such, we believe that our Assessment and Reporting of student achievement should be strength-based and focussed on the goals of each individual student as expressed in their Individual Learning Plan.
Student academic goals are assessed in line with the Victorian Curriculum guidelines and at a senior level in accordance with the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). Our reporting also takes account of our students’ growth as measured by the Victorian Curriculum Social Competencies.
Doxa School’s Assessment and Reporting Policy can be viewed by clicking here.