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School Board

School Board of Management (now called Doxa School Advisory Council)

The general purpose for which the Doxa School Advisory Council is constituted, on behalf of the Doxa School community, is to assist the Principal to fulfil his or her responsibilities relating to the school. As such the Council is an Advisory body.

 The Advisory Council acts in accordance with this constitution and in accordance with the policies and practices as prescribed by Catholic Education Sandhurst and the policies of the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria.

The Council assists the Principal in the formulation of school policy and a range of areas of the general management of the school.


The Doxa School Program works with secondary school aged students and our curriculum is assessed against the Victorian Curriculum and VCAL assessment policies and procedures.


Our Enrolment Procedures:

Applications for Enrolment at Doxa School come from a variety of places.


Students Currently Enrolled at a School:

If a student is enrolled at another school currently and the school identifies the need for an alternative option for their student, we expect that the school will complete the application form in conjunction with the parents or carer and the support of any agencies or support workers assisting the young person.


Young Person not Connected to a School:

If a young person has no connection to a school there are a range of options for applications to be completed.

  1. if the young person has support from an agency such as: Anglicare, DHHS, Youth Justice, a Re-Connect service, Headspace, CAMHS etc their support worker should complete the application form with the support of parents and carers and the young person.
  2. if the young person has support from a professional such as a Psychologist, clinical Social Worker, Paediatrician etc this person should support the application process with the Parents or Carer and the young person
  3. if the young person is disengaged from education and is looking to Doxa School as a way of re-engaging in learning the parents or carer should complete the application form with the student.


On Receipt of Applications:

Students undergo an Interview process that involves their Parents or Carers and, in the case of support from schools or agencies, their key support person.

While we interview all students who present an application we are often unable to take all applicants as we have limited places and often receive more applications than available places.


Enrolment Process Timeline:

Information is sent to schools and agencies in late term 3 each year. 

Applications are due in late October or early November.

For families interested in forwarding an application please contact the school for an application form, you will be informed of the application due date. 

See our Enrolment Policy here


School tours:

Families and support workers are welcome to arrange a time to visit the school and discuss the possibility of enrolment at Doxa School with the Principal at any time.

Please contact the school office on (03) 5442 8140 to arrange a visit.