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Doxa School Bendigo is a Catholic Flexible Learning Setting established to meet the need for an alternative option for education for students ‘at risk’ in the wider Bendigo region. This school complements other alternate educational providers in the region and it is open to students from all sectors.

This program aims to re-engage students who are at risk of not completing their compulsory years of education because of a range of difficulties that affect their ability to engage in learning in a mainstream school setting. It provides supported and flexible education options for vulnerable students 13 years of age and older whose educational journey has been a challenging one for them.

The Doxa Youth Foundation, Catholic Education Sandhurst and the Marist Brothers came together to establish our school in 2006. Doxa School Bendigo educates in the Marist tradition of service to the marginalised and vulnerable. Our school is governed by Catholic Education Sandhurst (CES Ltd).

Our current programs provide for students in years 7 to 12 in enrolment of 12 months or more to support their re-entry into their mainstream school or other appropriate educational settings. We also transition students to vocational pathways. We have a strong focus on Literacy, Numeracy and Social and Emotional Learning to help our students build the resilience and confidence they need to take the next steps towards success on their life’s journey.

We currently have room for up to 50 students to be enrolled in our community and we are committed to building strong and supportive relationships with our students and their families, and also the various organisations and individuals that provide a range of support for young people in our region.