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When you volunteer, you give part of yourself – your time, energy, interests and skills.

You give to others because you believe in the value of contribution, you believe that you have skills and experience to share and because you believe in the cause supported by the organisation with which you volunteer.

Volunteers, contributing time and effort to others in whatever form that contribution may take, make life richer for others. Volunteers experience the satisfaction of knowing that they have made a difference to others.

Volunteers can gain personal benefits and increase work related skills.
Volunteering can help:
• Increase awareness of social issues such as health, education and families.
• Develop a greater understanding of people.
• Learn to motivate others.
• Improve communication skills.
• Learn how to deal with difficult circumstances.
• Develop greater self-confidence.
• Discover new strengths and talents.
• Widen a social circle.
• Gain organisation and managerial skills.
• Develop a job-finding network.
• Assist with exploration of career options.
• Establish work-related skills.

Volunteers acknowledge that volunteering provides enormous benefits for the organisations involved and the people they serve.